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ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® is Now Available in Dallas and Virginia

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September 21, 2022      

Residents of Dallas, TX, Ashland, VA and Virginia Beach, VA can now experience firsthand the unmatched beauty and exceptional durability of ѱٰDzϳܲٳ®. These quartz surfaces are ideal for countertops and arrive in a variety of colors that transmit the look and feel of natural stone. They have been masterfully engineered to resist the toughest of stains and scratches. Offering versatility in function and aesthetic, the ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® slab can be applied to any interior space that requires a stylish effect.

Metroquartz Lux Aurum and Silver Sea in modern kitchen

Metroquartz® Lux Aurum and Silver Sea in modern kitchen

Elevate your design and enjoy peace of mind with quartz countertops, vanities, or shower walls. All ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® surfaces come with a limited lifetime warranty so you can rest assured your surface will always retain its pristine state.

Metroquartz Nuvo Senza in bath

Metroquartz® Nuvo Senza in bath

Visit your local IJ location to see for yourself what makes ѱٰDzϳܲٳ® the perfect solution for your next project!

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